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What type of Olympian would you be?

What type of Olympian would you be?


Here at healthy HQ, we love a quiz (who doesn’t?), so we were a tad excited when we heard that Team GB have teamed up with gym chain Fitness First to create a test that reveals which Olympic sport is best suited to you. It’s officially now only 365 days until Rio 2016, and while we may not quite be prepared for our test-designated sport (fencing) by then, it’s certainly given us something to think about.

The majority of the British public only train in four sports – running, swimming, football and cycling – but there’s a whole sporting world out there awaiting to be discovered. As three-time Olympic cyclist Jason Kenny said at this week’s launch: ‘It’s a great way to show people what sport they may be good at, that they’d enjoy doing and might not previously thought about.’ And even if you think you already participate in the sport that’s perfect for you, Team GB’s test could be a fun way to simply confirm it – ‘I was matched with open water swimming,’ reveals Olympic open water swimming medalist Kerry-Ann Payne. ‘It’s a relief to be told I’m doing the right thing!’

Head on over to teamgb.com/sport-profiler to find your perfect sport and let us know if you’re going to give your result sport a go via our Facebook page or Twitter (@healthymag). We might just be seeing you on our screens at the 2020 Games…



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