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We asked a Hollywood makeup artist for her top 6 natural beauty tips
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We asked a Hollywood makeup artist for her top 6 natural beauty tips

Natural beauty tips from Pati Dubroff

Pati Dubroff, the makeup artist behind red carpet makeovers for everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Bosworth, is a girl after our own heart when it comes to creating natural beauty looks: ‘For me, everything is about the skin looking super healthy and having a beautiful glow’.

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Unsurprisingly, Pati isn’t a fan of the latest Instagram trend for heavy contouring: ‘It’s scary, like a mask. It makes me feel sad, because I want people to feel comfortable without that level of makeup on.’ So how does she make her Hollywood clients stand out? ‘It’s about creating velvety, flawless looking skin that doesn’t look like it has makeup on, and then playing up one feature while keeping the rest of the look really simple.’

To coincide with the release of The Huntsman: Winters War – Pati created Charlize Theron’s makeup looks for the film – we quizzed the leading Hollywood makeup artist on her top tips for putting together her characteristic radiant ‘no makeup’ beauty look:

Pati Dubroff: my 6 favourite natural beauty secrets

1 Half of my time is focussed on the skin
‘When creating a makeup look, glowing skin is the most important aspect. I use a mattifying primer followed by a tinted moisturiser, a long-lasting concealer and then a touch of blusher.’ (Psst! Try: Lavera Colour Correction Tinted Moisturiser, £19.99 for 30ml from Holland & Barrett)

2 After the skin, the brows are most important
‘I don’t do heavy squared brows – just gently filled in for a natural brow effect. I also pop some mattifying primer between the brows.’

3 Ice is an amazing cure for puffy eyes
‘Take two teaspoons and put them in a cup of ice along with a splash of water. Then, press the backside of the chilled teaspoons along the eyes. It’s an easy way to make everything a little bit firmer.’

4 Release your inner beauty
‘If you haven’t got the time to go for a facial, practise a stimulating facial massage at home. Use firm, upward strokes to get below the skin and relax your muscles. It makes a huge change.’

5 I’m a big fan of dry brushing
‘It’s a life changing beauty tip for skin. I dry brush my body every single day with a natural bristle brush everyday. I’m now in my 40s and my skin is taut without any sagging. It’s also really good for the lymph system, which prevents puffiness and keeps the elasticity in the skin. I also love oiling my whole body with coconut oil afterwards.’ (We love Opal London Sisal Bristle Brush with Cellulite Massager, £12.00 from Holland & Barrett)

6 Curl your lashes
‘It makes such a difference. Think about it like the blinds on a window: when they’re not open there’s not so much light in the room. It’s the same thing with the lashes, when the lashes are down, it kind of shields the light of the eye, and so when you open the lash then it opens up the whole eye.’

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