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Recapture the romance

Recapture the romance

True love

Is your love life less than you’d like it to be? You’re not alone. Angela from the West Midlands recalls: ‘At 57, I was starting to feel old and it was an uphill push to get my libido started. I found my desire for sex was very low, and I just wasn’t feeling sexy.’

There are so many things that can influence the quality of our sex lives. With busy work and family lives often taking over, it’s no surprise more and more women are looking for a little help. Sexual dysfunction is a common problem, with up to 63 per cent of women affected. Lack of interest in sex, trouble lubricating, anxiety and pain during intercourse are just a few of the issues women report. And many find problems are more widespread during or after menopause. These challenges can impact on relationships as well as self-esteem and happiness.

Pleasure boost

The good news is help is at hand. Lady Prelox is the first natural, science-based female sexual pleasure supplement. This completely natural formula contains a combination of key plant-based ingredients designed to work together to enhance your pleasure, desire and comfort. It can help support and improve sexual function in women of all ages. The result of extensive research, Lady Prelox has been effective in three clinical trials with over 200 women. Participants reported improved levels of arousal, lubrication and desire, as well as less discomfort during intercourse.

Lady Prelox-60

Natural ingredients

Lady Prelox contains active natural ingredients supported by years of research. Pycnogenol, or French maritime pine bark extract, is a powerful antioxidant and source of bioflavonoids, which enhance the action of vitamin C and support blood circulation. It works with amino acid L-arginine to improve circulation, providing blood flow and nutrients to the genital area. L-citrulline helps produce nitric oxide, implicated in sexual health. And Rosvita or rosehip extract is a potent source of vitamin C, shown in studies to relieve stress, often implicated in sexual problems.

Now women are reporting positive stories about Lady Prelox. ‘I feel more positive about myself as a woman – I’m more confident again,’ says Angela. ‘Now I think about sex and want it. Feeling desire and desirable has had an effect on my mood and I feel younger.’ Why not try it today and recapture your passion?

Lady Prelox is available in selected Holland & Barrett stores and online at hollandandbarrett.com.

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