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Periods don’t have to be wasteful

Periods don’t have to be wasteful

We’re all increasingly conscious of our beauty footprint, cutting down on excessive, non-recyclable packaging and ingredients that are harmful to the environment. Isn’t it time we took the same approach to our periods? After all, during her menstruating years, one woman can use up to 15,000 single-use products, most of which will litter our seas and shorelines or end up in landfill.

The good news is that it’s possible to reduce your single-use plastic, even when you’re on your period, with Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads.

It’s not just waste you will save by making the switch to reusables either. You can save up to £2000 compared to the cost of using throwaway sanitary products over your lifetime. Help protect our planet and make your next period waste-free.

Find Bloom & Nora in Holland & Barrett now.


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