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Jodie Kidd’s #VegMasterclass: 10 top Twitter tips

Jodie Kidd’s #VegMasterclass: 10 top Twitter tips

rappagencyforwebWe’re rubbish at eating our greens (and our reds, oranges, purples, etc.) Less than a third of us our getting our 5-a-day. Bad news, considering the guidelines even include baked beans and OJ.

But no-one’s preaching a diet of crudités and green juice. In fact, with a few changes you can sneak at least two portions into your go-to dishes, says Jodie Kidd.

The model, mum, ex-Masterchef contestant and full-time foodie held a #VegMasterclass this week on the healthy Twitter channel. She was full of clever kitchen hacks to help you get more veggies in your life, and make them so tasty it won’t feel like a bore.

Here are the top 10 ways we learnt from Jodie to get your 5-a-day – supermodel style.

‘Such as thing as too much veg? I’m not a nutritionist, but I can’t imagine so – it’s just important to pick a variety.’

‘Invest in a really good, sharp knife – it makes all the difference in prepping your vegetables.’

‘I do prefer fresh veg over frozen – though the one exception is frozen peas. Try this lovely recipe http://t.co/C0N5RCEv9V.’

‘For a great on-the-go snack, vegetable samosas or bhajis are delicious and can be cooked in advance and eaten hot or cold.’

‘If you’re planning on going vegetarian, Quorn is a great protein substitute; but lentils and pulses are also fantastic and can be added to loads of dishes.’

‘To bulk up salads, slow release carbs like potatoes are the obvious choice, but pulses and grains are also really filling.’

‘For a carb-filled dinner, I love to cook with lentils and Indian spices. They are cheaper than quinoa and really versatile.’

‘One of my favourite recipes is a veggie risotto with mushrooms, leeks and cheddar – try this one http://t.co/ekNhNHd66a‘

‘To cook aubergine, I usually soak it in salt water first and then cook it very slowly – it’s also fab in a ratatouille.’

‘Use up tinned tomatoes by making a layered vegetable bake similar to a moussaka, but without the meat, if you prefer.’

Search #vegmasterclass on Twitter for more inspiring ways to incorporate more veg into your diet – and share your tips with us @healthymag.

Photography: Rappagency.com | Pinterest


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