Find Out Three Favorable Keys That Global Sevilla International School Adopts

Find Out Three Favorable Keys That Global Sevilla International School Adopts

Every school or institution will need something that stood out inside the crowd. It is mainly for the international school in Jakarta that always comes with a lot of advantages. In this case, let’s talk about the Global Sevilla school. What makes this school worth to take a look at? The answer is from the interesting focus and unique approach to student learning.


The Three Favorable Keys That Make Global Sevilla Unique And Worth It 

  1. An Approach Based On Mindfulness

Mindfulness-based school is still considered new. The approach itself is not familiar in the body of education. But mindfulness can bring a positive impact to the student’s well-being. Just as the name says, mindfulness provides a silent time that allows the student to reflect and calms down. The reason is to reduce stress and anxiety.

The approach will be given to the students every week or at a given time. Believe it or not, the said reflection time has been proven to be successful. The Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta also provides a suitable relaxing surrounding and atmosphere. The simple act of reflection can help improve or develop the learners’ academic outcomes and behavior.


  1. Emphasize The Students Character Building

Character building is another thing that makes global Sevilla one step ahead. In this case, the idea of developing one’s character is as important as increasing academic achievement. The school believes that positive characteristics can affect one particular student’s academic score. That is why the school provides some curricula and additional values during education.

The value of giving, compassion, and self-control are given to help develop student’s social skills. At the same time, it also helps in sculpting one’s positive mental and empathy. Along with it, character-building will aid students in figuring out their characteristics, abilities, skills, and potential. They can find their positive or weakness, which later can be improved.


  1. Thorough And Balanced Education Programs

As important as mental development, this international school in Jakarta also provides adequate education. The main idea is to provide a balanced education. That is why character building, value, and mindfulness are given. But the school also provides various activities based on global standards and curriculum, such as the Cambridge Curriculum for kindergarten to secondary school.

From that explanation, you can tell that Global Sevilla understands the main focus of the study is not always an academic achievement. The said school provides an adequate basic study that is balanced with student character development. It also uses a mindfulness approach, which helps maintain student learning abilities, achievement, and mental state during education programs.

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