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#FeelgoodFebruary: DIY lipstick recipe
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#FeelgoodFebruary: DIY lipstick recipe


Can’t find your perfect lip shade in the shops? No problem. Give our DIY lipstick recipe a whirl.

‘You can make your own all-natural beauty products which rely on the wonderful power of plants,’ says Pip Waller, medical herbalist, and author of The Domestic Alchemist: 501 Herbal Recipes For Home, Health & Happiness (Leaping Hare Press, £19.99). ‘This recipe contains pure ingredients, which enhance your health and nourish your skin.’  And nothing says V-Day quite like a bold statement lip.

This recipe makes about five or six lipsticks, which each keep for a year.

What you need

A bain-marie (Not got one? Here’s how to use two saucepans instead)
5-6 lipstick moulds
1 tsp beeswax
4 tsp calendula oil
6 drops rose essential oil
12 drops rosewood essential oil
Tiny pinch of Italian ochre earth (pink) essential oil


What you do

1 Melt the beeswax and the calendula oil in a bain-marie. Remove from the heat and add the essential oils.

2 Mix all the ingredients with either a wooden stick (such as a wooden spoon handle) or a glass stick (no metal or plastic) for 2-3 mins.

3 Add the Italian ochre earth and stir for a further 1-2 mins to obtain a steady colour. Pour  into moulds straight away.


For more tips and beauty recipes, check out The Domestic Alchemist: 501 Herbal Recipes For Home, Health & Happiness (Leaping Hare Press, £19.99)

Recipe courtesy of Christine Herren-Valette, Sancta Herba. 



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