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World Health Day: supplements for every situation

World Health Day: supplements for every situation

1 For reduced immunity…
Keep getting ill? Can’t shake that cold? The answer could lay in your gut. ‘Too much stress, too many late nights and partying can put your gut bacteria out of balance, allowing the less desirable types of gut bacteria such as Clostridium difficile and E. Coli to increase,’ says consultant dietitian Helen Bond. ‘The upshot could be reduced immunity, making you more susceptible to bugs you might otherwise be able to fight off.’ Improve your microflora with a probiotic like ProVen Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus Capsules


2 For muscle cramps, period pains or problems sleeping…
Any of these could be a sign you’re low on magnesium. As well as helping to maintain normal bones and teeth, magnesium also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal muscle function. Pop Holland & Barrett Magnesium Tablets daily with a meal and make that 3pm slump a thing of the past.


3 For bleeding gums…
You might benefit from taking Vitamin C. One clear sign of Vitamin C deficiency is bleeding gums, but staying topped up anyway will do you no harm – quite the opposite! Vitamin C contributes towards the normal function of the immune system, collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, teeth and skin, and normal psychological function. It can also help protect cells from oxidative stress, reduce tiredness and fatigue and increase iron absorption. Try these Chewable Vitamin C with Rose Hips Tablets, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


4 For chronic fatigue or shortness of breath…
Vitamin B12 is your friend. Contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue in its own right, vitamin B12 also contributes to normal red blood cell function – a deficiency of which could aggravate anaemia (iron deficiency). As well as causing long-term fatigue, anaemia decreases the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen – resulting in shortness of breath. Guard against this with a supplement like these Timed Release Vitamin B12 Tablets.


5 For thinning hair…
You may be low on iron, especially if you suffer from heavy periods. Iron supports the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Deficiency can result in hair loss, so make sure you’re topped up with a good iron supplement like Holland & Barrett Iron with Vitamins & Minerals caplets – these clever capsules also provide calcium, copper and molybdenum, which must be present for iron to function properly.


6 For dry skin or skin problems…
You may be lacking in essential fatty acids. Find them in Evening Primrose Oil Capsules. These ones also contain vitamin B6, essential for effective absorption, and the combination work together to regulate hormonal activity. Hormonal imbalances can contribute to conditions like acne and eczema – so an all-round skin win.



Want to know more? See our ten golden rules for taking supplements.


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