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The best defence

The best defence

shutterstock_193315493Streaming eyes, runny nose, itchy throat? Chances are you’ve spent many years frustrated that there’s not much you can do about the impending pollen season and other airborne allergens. Current relief products on the market are antihistamine-based, and simply reduce annoying symptoms once you’ve already started experiencing them – rather than preventing the symptoms from taking hold. Care’s Allergy Defence Nasal Spray is here to change this however, giving you a great level of protection from the very start.

Pollen protection

A unique nasal powder spray, Allergy Defence is a clinically proven, fast-working solution. Easy to use, it reacts naturally with the moisture in your nose to create a thin, invisible gel barrier which blocks pollen from entering the nasal membrane and banishing those irritations – perfect when you’re out in the sunshine. Plus, its small size means it’ll easily pop into your handbag!

Want to know how effective Care’s Allergy Defence really is? A double-blind study found it provided significant protection against all seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms among the research participants who had hay fever. The director of Pollen UK, Professor Jean Emberlin, adds, ‘There’s a notable body of clinical evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of Care’s Allergy Defence in reducing or eliminating hay fever symptoms.’ 

With 200 sprays in each bottle, it’s a cost-effective way to keep you symptom-free through summer!

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Who can use it?

Just about everyone! Drug-free, Care’s Allergy Defence contains no antihistamines or steroids, so it’s perfect for everyone from young children aged 18 months plus (under supervision) to pregnant and breast-feeding women and anyone wanting to avoid prolonged steroid use or those who need to drive or operate machinery. Don’t let hay fever or allergies stop you from enjoying life!

 Care Lozenge - High Resolution

Find Care’s Allergy defence in selected Holland & Barrett stores and online at hollandandbarrett.com.




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