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Little treats: Coconut and spirulina energy bites

Little treats: Coconut and spirulina energy bites


Amazing fact of the day? Just 2 tbsp dried spirulina contains 17g of protein and only 80 calories, so get sprinkling. Most nuts are a good source of protein – almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds have the highest, around 5-6g per 25g serving. Combine the power of both in this super convenient breakfast hack.

Makes 16
90g dates, stoned or pitted
65g cashews
1 large tsp coconut oil
1½-2 tsp spirulina powder
1 heaped tsp matcha powder
20g unsweetened desiccated coconut

Soak dates in water for 30 mins. Put the cashews in a food processor fitted with an ‘S’ blade; pulse for 30-45 seconds.

2 Rinse dates, wipe off extra moisture and add them to processor with the coconut oil and spirulina and matcha powders. Mix until a large ball starts to form. Remove blade; take processor bowl off the stand.

3 With a cup of water to wet your hands as you go, pinch off pieces of the mixture about the size of whole walnuts. Roll them into balls using your hands. (Damp hands will stop the mixture sticking too much.)

4 Roll each ball in coconut to coat evenly; place on a plate. Refrigerate the bites for at least 20 mins. Store in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.

Recipe from Sugar-free Snacks & Treats by Ryland Peters & Small (CICO Books, £14.99)


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