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How to stop bloating (it’s easier than you think!)

How to stop bloating (it’s easier than you think!)

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With summer just around the corner, many of us will be thinking about getting into that bikini. At healthy, we’re not a fan of obsessively counting calories or jumping on and off the scales to get in shape – and we’ve outlined our #Projectsummer healthy eating and fitness plan in our latest June/July issue to get you feeling happy and confident on the beach.

However, what about the dreaded bloat? Often coming out of nowhere, feeling bloated and uncomfortable can ruin a day out at the beach, even if we’re usually confident about our bodies. That’s why we’ve teamed up with top nutritional therapist Angelique Panagos to find out her top tips for beating the bloat:

1 Eat ‘real’!

Our digestive systems are designed to recognise and process natural whole foods. This is why convenience foods can cause digestive backlog and one uncomfortable bloat. Swap any refined snacks and meals for a diet rich in fibrous greens, good quality proteins (lean meats, oily fish, nuts and seeds) and a portion of healthy fats (hello, avocado!).

2 Chew more

If there was ever a reason not to dine at your desk, this is it. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth, so pause between bites and chew well. No pause, no swallow!

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3 Lower your sugar intake

You’d be amazed at the difference this makes to your gut. While they may be nutrient-packed, whole fruits can also be high in sugar, so stick to one to two portions daily and increase your vegetable content. Berries are best as bikini season nears.

4 Sip away fluid retention

Switching irritating caffeine to cleansing water (hot or cold). Add a squeeze of lemon juice and/or some fresh mint leaves for healthy flavour.

5 Relax

Stress only exasperates bloating, so indulge in some calm whenever you can. Be it yoga, mindfulness, a monthly massage, walking, or just reading your magazine in the park, it will make a positive difference.

Finally, pick a bikini you love and wear it with a smile. You’re beautiful as you are!

For more fitness and nutrition tips to help you feel confident in your bikini, pick up a copy of the June/July #ProjectSummer issue of healthy, available in Holland & Barrett and on newsstands. 


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