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How to get more headspace

How to get more headspace


Mindfulness can help us de-stress, focus, and even up the levels serotonin in our brain. Give this 7-step routine a go from Andy Puddicombe, founder of the Headspace app, and find your own little bit of calm.

1 Get settled:

Find a quiet space where you can relax.

2 Breathe deeply:

Defocus your eyes, gazing softly into the middle distance.

3 Check-in:

Take a few moments to settle into your body. Gently observing your posture and notice the sensations of your body on the chair. Acknowledge your senses.

4 Scan your body:

Turn your mind inwards and scan your body from head to toe observing any tension or discomfort.

5 Observe the breath:

Bring your attention to your breathing, don’t make any effort to change it, just observe the rising and falling sensation that it creates in your body.

6 Allow your mind to be free:

Spend 20-30 seconds just sitting. You might find yourself inundated with thoughts and plans, or feel calm and focusing, whatever happens is completely fine.

7 Prepare to finish:

Become aware once more of the physical feelings, of the chair beneath you, where your feet make contact with the floor, your arms and your hands resting in your lap. Notice anything you can hear, smell, taste or feel. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.


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