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Half marathon training diary: not long to go

Half marathon training diary: not long to go


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Time goes quickly when you’re having fun – but even faster when you have a half marathon pending. Right now I’m taking every opportunity possible to fit in a run; even yesterday, when I forgot my sports kit, I did a mini strength conditioning workout in stretch jeans (not advisable).

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Despite yesterday’s faux pas, it is no secret that what we wear to work out can make a big difference to how we feel, and even how we perform. There’s nothing worse than a pair of cheap, too-tight leggings when you’re running. With just over a week to go before the race, I’m starting to think about what I’ll wear on race day.

First: trainers. I’ve been using a pair of the new Saucony ‘Life on the Run’ Freedom ISO trainers (£140.00 at www.saucony.co.uk), which are a game changer. They feel lightweight, so there’s no extra resistance when I’m running, but offer the support that I need when running long distance. I’ve actually been guilty of wearing these trainers a lot out of the gym, too – they’re so sleek and stylish compared to my other bulky running shoes (which have probably seen better days).

S10355-1_1 (1)

A note on safety – for running at night (or even in the late afternoon, during the short days of December to February) it’s important to be seen by drivers and cyclists, to avoid collisions. I highly recommend LED armbands (£1.99 from ledhut.co.uk) which have flashing lights to ensure you stand out.

Proskins Legging ZigZag Front

I also love Proskins Zig Zag leggings (£34.95 at www.proskins.co/women/ active-women/) which are inspired by bold prints seen on the catwalk and have a stand-out neon pattern. I’ve also been wearing a fetching green and yellow headband from Buff (£14.25 at www.buffwear.co.uk) – which not only completes the head to toe neon outfit, but also keeps my ears warm in the chilly outside!

Flash Logo Yellow Fluor - £14.25 (1)

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