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Get fit fast with this outdoor workout plan

Get fit fast with this outdoor workout plan

Woman Running, Side View, Blurred.Who wants to head to the gym after work and miss out on your lovely evenings doing anything else? The answer is shorten and sharpen up your routine. Here’s personal trainer Laura Williams’ outdoor workout plan.

Warm up with an easy jog for a couple of minutes. When you feel warm and loose, set a street marker (eg first postbox) that’s 30-45 secs away and run that distance as fast as you can, then walk briskly until you’ve recovered. Ensure recovery time doesn’t exceed your sprinting time. Repeat sprint and recovery for 7 mins; walk briskly to cool down.

Alternatively, try this set:

30 secs: walk briskly (6kmph) 30 secs: run moderately (10kmph) 20 seconds: sprint fast (13.5kmph) Repeat whole routine five times.

Next, do these metabolism- and muscle-boosting moves outside:

Jumping lunge
Start by lunging forwards with your right foot, then jump in air propelling arms forward, elbows bent. While in air, switch legs and land in the same lunge position but with your left leg forward. Continue switching legs for a minute.

Captain’s chair
Sit tall on a park bench, hands behind head. Keeping spine straight and abs pulled in, hinge back slightly from your hips. Lift knees up towards your chest; slowly lower until toes brush floor. Repeat for 1 min.

From standing, step up on park bench so both feet are on it. Step down one leg at a time so both feet are on ground. Do 30 secs leading with right leg, speeding up for last 15 secs; repeat on left leg.

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