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3 ways to give your beauty routine a #HealthySpringClean
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3 ways to give your beauty routine a #HealthySpringClean


If it’s anything like ours, your poor sun-starved face has been creaking under the layers of winter-strength foundation for the past six months – going from elephant-knee dry to oil slick during the length of your morning meeting.

Now the shops are suddenly filled with canary yellow and pale denim and people are talking about taking their tights off and the elusive ‘no make-up make-up trend’.

Not ready for the words ‘light to minimal coverage’ anytime soon? Don’t worry, we quizzed Kira Walton, founder of luxury organic seaweed-based skincare brand VOYA, for the little tweaks we can make to put our best face forward into the new season


To banish eye bags: Apply your eye serum properly

‘The skin around the eyes is ultra-sensitive and delicate, so it’s important to apply your products properly. Use a product that is light in texture so that it doesn’t congest the eye area and using your ring finger, lightly apply in the shape of a C (starting with your left eye).

‘Start just below your eyebrow and work around the sides and around the bottom of the eye socket, either in one gentle sweeping movement or lightly tapping the area, taking care not to drag or pull the skin, then repeat on the other eye.’


To stop getting a shiny nose: Don’t cover your face in chemicals

‘It’s also important to be aware of exactly what you are putting on your skin. Always check the ingredients in your skincare products, then do your skin a favour and cut out those that are chemical-based. Your skin’s texture and health will improve immediately.

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‘By switching to natural products, your skin will begin to detoxify and rid itself of the harmful residue the chemical-based products can leave behind.’


For clearer, cleaner skin: Take time to exfoliate

‘You may cleanse, tone and moisturise, religiously, apply masks or serums, but if you do not exfoliate regularly, they won’t work as your skin will not be absorbing the full benefit of these treatments.

‘Exfoliation helps rid the body of any dry, dull skin by removing the dead skin cells that can accumulate on the surface of the epidermis. It can also help keep pores from becoming clogged and leave skin with a refreshed and clean feeling.’

‘It also stimulates blood circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients onto the skin, while stimulating lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and waste from your face.’


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